YaaSerwaah Akuoku is a NYC based Visual Artist  and burgeon Art Critic with a keen comprehensive, expert-level approach to Art interpretation and Criticism; Acknowledged for her thought provoking conceptual wearables that obscure boundaries between “Traditional” art, fashion and technology

During her time at FIT; Akuoku obtained degrees in both Fashion Design and Entrepreneurship for the Fashion Design industries  Akuoku’s uniqueness lies in the intersection of conceptualizing innovative methodologies to approaching fashion design by removing preconceived notions of what objects and their uses are. In doing so, Nana Yaa reshapes their context to express narratives related to identity, introspection and culture. Akuoku often refers to concepts in science, technology and contemporary art within her fashion-based practice.



Akuoku is recipient of the Wassaic Project’s Winter 2019 Teaching Fellowship. To date, her works have been exhibited in Accra, through the Afrochella festival, the Ghana Tech Summit and The Black Gala at the Accra Science and Technology Museum. Her designers have been highlighted by publications such as Allure, Essence, and New York Times Style. Recently, Her work “Rapunzel” was worn by the opening performer of the prestigious “Wearable-Art-Gala”; Headed by philanthropist and Beyoncé’s mother; Ms.Tina Knowles-Lawson.




In 2007, From her bedroom in Harlem, NYC;  Nana Yaa Serwaah began constructing  what would later blossom into the vision that she always saw in her mind; HAUS OF YBA Signature; a Line of bespoke Wearable Art and avant garde fashion. 

From House to Haus documents the adventures that this young designer encounters as she travels the world, becoming inspired by art, creating art and connecting the dots to build HAUS OF YBA into a global socially conscious fashion collection for all  to appreciate.

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Areas of expertise


  • Fashion
  • Wearable Art 
  • Intersection of Art and Fashion
  • Intersection of Fashion and Tech
  • Intersection of Art, Tech and Fashion
  • Afro-Futurism
  • Futurism (General)
  • Garment Contruction
  • Computer Aided Design (Adobe Suite, CLO etc) 

"I apply an artistic approach to cerebral subjects though removing preconceived notions of what objects and their uses are "

In my practice, I create wearable fiber based art which I have termed; “Conceptual Couture”. This textile sculpture is often constructed in conjunction with repurposed objects such as synthetic hair, cutlery, mirrors, gloves and popsicle sticks. I am interested in diffusing the boundaries between fashion, technology and “traditional” art.  For me, accuracy; when embodying concepts; occupy the height of priority in my work, as such; I opt to incorporate the most appropriate mediums to express my intended idea and adapt them as required.



 Although my methods focus primarily on “Wearables”,  I have integrated literature, traditional/digital illustration and videography in both the construction of and the presentation of my practice through abstract film shorts.  By incorporating fundamental level robotics and utilizing contemporary textile and unconventional form, Aesthetically, my practice has evolved to become incorporated into the conversation around the contemporary Futurism/Afro-Futurism based art movement.

I apply an artistic approach to cerebral subjects though removing preconceived notions of what objects and their uses are and in doing so, reshaping their context to express my intended narrative; one which shifts with each work but is often rooted in introspection connected to interpreting “art”. My reference to “art” in this statement is inclusive of, but not limited to how it is perceived traditionally. For me, art encompasses various expressions of “beauty” and i am specifically aroused by its presence outside of tangible form. The symmetry in nature, the dual nature of particles, the mystery of consciousness itself – this is all awe-inspiring. 

The basis of my examinations as an artist stem from the pervasive question “what is the meaning of life?” …or my preference,” How does life work?” Why do there exist commonalities amongst our individual exclusive inner experiences?  I am interested in developing a further understanding of life by investigating quintessential, sometimes unassuming; states of the living experience, and oftentimes, of my own living experience.   I am interested in tearing open the fabric of “reality” and peering into the nuances of the human perspective. From both
an introspective and extrospective lens. Observing, interpreting and expressing through amplified interpretations, giving rise to deeper comprehension and quite paradoxically further questioning. Stated simply, I am intrigued by getting to the “Nitty-Gritty” of the effects that lived experience has on human cognition.

– Nana Yaa Serwaah Akuoku

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From house to haus is a curated hub of creativity for the Artsy, Smartsy and Chic. Part virtual Art Gallery, Kinda like a Style Blog and a bit like Bill Nye the Science guy (The stylish Black Female version of course) FHTH features content highlighting unforgettable contemporary Fashion, art and innovation that inspires us forward.

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Soooooo, As it stands today; Ms. Mona Lisa has no clearly visible eyebrows or eyelashes. In 2007, French engineer Pascal Cotte announced that his ultra-high resolution scans of the painting provide evidence that Mona Lisa was originally painted with eyelashes and with better visible eyebrows, but that these had gradually disappeared over time, perhaps as a result of over-cleaning.

The Painting actually depicts; not husband and wife, but is a depiction of  a father and daughter.

A time warp?, Well kinda!, See, It takes 8 minutes, 19 seconds for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth. In space, light travels at 300,000 kilometres (186,000 miles) per second. Even at this breakneck speed, covering the 150 million odd kilometres (93 million miles) between us and the Sun; This distance means that from here on earth, we can never actually see the sun in real time (or closer to it because technically, our own visual processing mechanism also creates a micro…no like EXTREME micro second time delay).

In 2007, a Bristol couple had trouble selling their house due to graffiti on the side of their house. When they found out that the mural was painted by the graffiti artist Banksy, they decided to sell the painting with the house thrown in free. They received twice the asking price

Haha!, Because of the site?, No, they are actually Black, White, Fuchsia, turquoise, lime green and Brick orange. 

However, The concept for the aesthetic of came to me in an instant. I had visited the keukenhof tulip fields in Amsterdam and there, there is a section of the garden dedicated to Piet Mondrian and is Primary color art work. I wanted to recreate the wonderful feeling i had working through this part of the garden. It was a perfect place to start for the design. 

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Nana Yaa is a Girl that adores Art, Science and Travel. Sometimes she makes her own Art..(Well, more like a combo or both Fashion AND art!). Other times she travels FROM HAUS TO HAUS to find and admire works from other artists. In any instance, She shares these adventures with us; and even includes video. She knows her stuff.  She is building HAUS OF YBA and she wants us to join her on this journey through the HAUS OF CREATIVITY.

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